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With dedication and focus, the INF has weathered many storms to remain a formidable forum for Ijaw national and international conversations.



The Ijaw Nation Forum (INF) is a platform for Ijaws to exchange ideas and discuss issues of common interest to the Niger Delta Region and Ijaw people in particular. It was founded by the Late Col. Godfrey Ambakiderimo Okoro (1948-2012), who started a physical news mailing list service in the US in the mid-nineties. The physical mailing list service transitioned to an email distribution list for INF and was ultimately set up as a Yahoo Groups list service on 12 July, 2001. The Late Col. Okoro moderated the forum until his passage in 2012. The current membership of the forum stands at over 1900 subscribers.

The INF is a neutral and un-moderated forum where every Ijaw person of either paternal or maternal parentage shall have access to, irrespective of political, ideological, religious or organizational affiliations. The general theme of posts and discussions are intended to be focused on issues and are expected to be those that contribute towards enhancement of the socio-political and cultural quality of life, and empowerment for Ijaws. Members are expected to express their points of view in a civil manner and respect the views of other members as they participate in the debates.


Col. Godfrey Ambakiderimo Okoro

Col. Godfrey Ambakiderimo Okoro

INF Founder


Over the years since its formation, the INF has gone through several strategic debates on a wide range of topics relevant to Ijaw People and the Niger Delta Region. It is considered by many as an informal Think Thank for the Ijaw Nation. The debates which are sometimes quite heated is enriched by the diversity of thought and the wide demography of its membership. It is hoped that transitioning to this website will take members to a new level of experience and better enhance the Ijaw Culture.

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